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Are you one of the many pet owners who only wants the best for their pet? Then this is the right time to look at Cedar Creek. We are committed to delivering the widest variety of high quality, truly exquisite and affordable pet products that your dog will simply love.

Cedar Creek is a premier manufacturer of dog beds. Our dog beds are available in various sizes, colors and designs that will match your taste and homes criteria. Everything you want to know about dog beds will be found here so take your time to look around and choose the kind of dog bed that will fit your dog’s special needs and your budget as well. Also something that we pride ourselves on is that all of our products are manufactured in the USA, which very few competitors can say.  


Cedar Creek's Full Spectrum (CBD) Cannabinoid Oil is made from US registered industrial hemp plants grown on American farms in Oregon. There are over 100 cannabinoids identified in the Hemp plant with (CBD) being only one of them. Our oil is Hydrocarbon extracted in a closed looped system resulting in a solvent free, pure and potent formula that contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Cedar Creek uses minimal ingredients and implements third party testing on each batch to ensure superior quality control. 








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