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Donut Beds at Cedar Creek are plush mounds of softness for sleeping. And because they are light weight, you can easily transport and carry them wherever you go. Donut Beds are really ideal for pet owners who travel frequently but don't want to leave their dogs alone at home. Dogs spend most of their time in sleeping. So if you're planning for a long travel along with your pet, it is necessary that you are ready for their needs. The Donut Bed will surely provide your dog an immediate place to rest especially during your travel. All you have to do is to find the best place within your car, lay down the bed and allow your dog to acquire his needed sleep.

Donut Beds & Covers

  • Small: Approximate Outside Dimensions 20" x 30" 

    Medium: Approximate Outside Dimensions 30" x 40"

    Large: Approximate Outside Dimensions 35" x 48"

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