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With the current pandemic our supplier for cording is closed. So beds will be without piping till further notice. Sorry for the inconvience.


Dog beds are pretty much all the same. They are designed to provide your dog ultimate comfort and a very special spot in your home. Aside from that, a dog bed also aids you in showing your care for your pet. So the choice of beds will be based on your personal taste and preferred features. Let your dear pooch friend feel that they are loved. Buy one of our rectangular beds today and you'll be surprised with the positive reaction from your dog. So why a bed for your dog? Since beds come in variety of sizes, designs and functionality, the choice of bed for your dog still lies on your hands. And our selection of beds is just a wonderful choice. Whether you have a Great Dane or a little Chihuahua as your pet, our dog bed can simply provide the same relaxed ambience that other beds can not give. Our dog beds come filled with shredded foam , this prevents the breakdown and clumping associated with poly filled beds , thus letting your dog enjoy his own Pet Bed. The Micro-Fibre covers zip off for easy cleaning in the washing machine and the liner is waterproof on one side to keep the shredded foam clean and dry.   

Rectangular Beds & Covers

  • Medium : Approximate Dimensions 36" x 45" x 5"

    Large : Approximate Dimensions 42" x 54" x 5"

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