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At first glance the Snuggle Sacs appears to be a beanbag. But nothing could be further from the truth. Take a seat and odds are you’ll stay there for a long, long time—talk about comfortable! Snuggle Sacs are exceptionally comfortable. Beanbags of yesteryear were filled with polystyrene beans. Snuggle Sacs, on the other hand, are filled with shredded urethane foam. Similar to the foam that’s used in sofas—only shredded for maximum comfort. When you sit in the Snuggle Sac it conforms to your body. As a result, there are no pressure points. It’s like sitting on a soft, fluffy cloud. Snuggle Sacs are great for watching TV, and just plain fun. And don't forget, Shipping is FREE! in the Continental USA

Snuggle Sacs & Covers

  • King Snuggle Sac 52" Round by 38" Tall

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